The current structure of the world creates more opportunities for life, study and work in different countries. There are families whose members more and more frequently combine different nationalities. It is also more common that children are bilingual from the very first day of their life, thus harmoniously combining different cultures.

The Atelier offers extensive practical experience in the field of travel and extended stay in different countries. We advise and support you on various aspects of “the organization of a harmonious life” in a new place: on the adaptation to the cultures of these countries, and on finding the most convenient, suitable and joyful solutions to your emerging issues.

Our services also include advice on various aspects of immigration law, as well as assistance in the preparation, submission and receipt of the relevant documents.

Our services include


● Preliminary legal and cultural analysis of the case;
● Representation in governance and administrative bodies in Russia and in Italy;
● Representation and safeguarding of the client’s interests in Russian and in Italian courts;
● Help and support in matters pertaining to family, housing, immigration and other legal relations.