Tailored To Suit Your Needs

Legal Atelier specializes in supporting and realizing your business and family projects. The Firm harmoniously combines elements of private law with other disciplines such as cultural intelligence to individually design and tailor your masterpiece.
The Atelier comprises Partners of Moscow Bureau of Advocates “Law Services and Consulting” and international lawyers. It is a boutique law firm that provides an individualized approach for each client, meeting their needs and providing them with the most appropriate counseling to match the particular circumstances of each case.

We provide a wide range of legal services to both natural persons and corporate entities in Russia and abroad.

The Atelier works primarily in Russia, in the European Union and Switzerland, on both domestic and transnational issues. Our lawyers practice in Moscow, in Florence and in Washington D.C. The Atelier provides services in English, Russian, Italian and French.
The Atelier follows generally accepted international standards and ethical principles of legal consulting.
Its high professionalism and commitment, the consistently high quality of its services, and its attention to and respect for the interests of the clients, have formed a successful long-term practice and an excellent reputation for the Atelier.

Our Expertise

The Atelier is a small group of professionals highly skilled in various fields of law.

On-line Consultations

While we believe foremost in direct contact with our clients, the modern lifestyle often necessitates working across distances and within complex schedules. Because of this, we also believe it is our responsibility to versed in the most advanced communication technologies. This allows us to meet your legal needs to the highest international standards.
Having the option to provide legal advice online allows us to quickly issue legal opinions, improving your quality of life, especially during stressful legal situations.
Our opinions are always grounded in relevant articles of law and cases, from national, European Community and international sources. We aim to equip you with the maximum amount, depth and clarity of information to empower you to assess the advantages and disadvantages of possible actions, and choose the best legal strategy for you.

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